Streets are back !

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Berst flicker page -http://www.flickr.com/photos/berstgbak/
+ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ironlak/

SAVES TMD, NHAM (Chile), BERST and the Urban Development Project put their heads together to pay homage to the Auckland scene.

“Due to the relentless buffing in Auckland City at the moment for the Rugby World Cup, a lot of history has disappeared. Walls that have lasted ten years, gone with one coat of grey.

“Simple concept here, as well as painting throwups of our own names, we threw in a couple throwups of some older writers in the Auckland scene and some friends.

“Special Guests such as: 2Flash, Adt, Akobe, Askew, Berst, Bolts, Can2, Deus, Dyle, Dpg, Diva, Fries, Gasp, Haser, Ikon, Meno, Nham, Phats, Kerso, Kost, Vrs, Larakin, Vok, Rats, Riot, Ryze, Serge, Saves, Sens, Slor, Snek, Tawck and Wow.” -Berst.

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