Smart Phones Dumb people 27th May – 31st May

27th May – 31st May Opens 530 – 730 on the 27th then runs for four days only. Come by check it out if in the Ak city.

component show flyer


28th – 31st May 2014
Allpress Gallery
8 Drake St
Freemans Bay
A solo exhibition by Component.
Component has sampled vintage comic style imagery to create visual comment on modern day technological addiction.
Society has become increasingly dependant on social media as a means of both communication and self promotion.
George Orwell and Albert Einstein both predicted this day would come……….Text, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become the norm for displaying social interactions and intimate moments for the world to see and make comment on.
It has not happened unless its on social media.

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  • در 4:47 pmbaran میگوید:salam man yek sale ezvdeaj kardam hamsaram ham kehili dus daram ama ehsas mikonam ishun eb man ungahd alaghe nadare va azin mozu kheili naraatamchejuri in mozu ra bahashun matrah konam?

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