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Ghøstie and Yelz from Wellingtons Pirates Crew took a month out to venture to Thailand and bicycle 900kms from Bangkok to Phuket in May 2014. In 1997 Thailand was unfortunately struck by an economic crisis which lead to builders literally walking off construction sites in therefore leaving many abandoned buildings strewn throughout Thailand which in turn makes for a great destination for a spraycation.

With the tourist season over and the slow onset of the Monsoon season, we chose the perfect time to be in Thailand. Following nothing but a vague path of National Parks and beaches from Bangkok to Phuket, we were helpfully guided by naivety, good karma, healthy currency conversion, google maps and many friendly locals. 
Most the time we ended up painting for food or accommodation which in turn lead us to really getting to know the people of Thailand and their culture.

Truly an amazing experience that can’t possibly be summed up in a few paragraphs.


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