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ALL FRESCO A Krd Street Art Festival.

Third year this event has been held here’s a video and bit of info check it out ….

All Fresco is both a response to the traditions of Krd, and to the

paucity of street art in the Krd district. The character of a community
is reflected in many things including the evidence of an engaged and
ongoing public dialogue. And in an area noted for it’s character,
a distinct lack of sites hosting relevant and revolving street art is
something to be addressed.

The value of this event isn’t just in the opportunity it provides to
artists, or even the spectacle and experience it offers spectators.
It’s in re-establishing and re-affirming the qualities of a part of our
city that makes it the most well know, most notorious and fabled
strip in the country.





Urban contemporary ….



Post-Graffiti Pacific, which launches at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, Chippendale on Thursday 16 July from 6-9pm, seeks, in part, to organise the way we talk about urban contemporary art. As urban contemporary artists have evolved to straddle the divide between public and studio practice, terms like ‘graffiti’ and ‘street art’ have become insufficient to describe the activities and motivations of today’s urban artists. ‘Post-Graffiti’ is now a recognised term, used to describe the work of artists whose backgrounds in graffiti inform their professional artistic practice. Participating artists include Askew, Benjamin Work, Berst, Eliot Francis Sterwart, Gary Silipa, Misery and Route 52. MORE PICS HERE

Exhibition reception: Thurs 16 Jul, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition runs: Fri 17 Jul – Sun 23 Aug, 12 – 8pm

Ambush Gallery

Level 3, Central Park Sydney,

28 Broadway, Chippendale (opposite UTS)



With summer in full swing here in NZ & OZ  walls and artists are getting together  with people who put on events to get things done  happening in Christchurch NZ Put together by the Oi you  crew is Spectrum info- web site – Dates are Feb 14th to May 10th 2015 – More info here too..







Good work of a  series of mini-documentaries featuring some of New Zealand’s leading artists who like to paint outdoors.

Put together by Trustme 

also go check out the real web site where it looks flash the site made by Peepshow
















OE – 2014

Group Exhibition & Artists talks at Endemic world Studio / basement space –

Date is 18th Sept 2014 @ 6pm

Details on image below and click on image and takes you to the Facebook event page.




Smart Phones Dumb people 27th May – 31st May

27th May – 31st May Opens 530 – 730 on the 27th then runs for four days only. Come by check it out if in the Ak city.

component show flyer


28th – 31st May 2014
Allpress Gallery
8 Drake St
Freemans Bay
A solo exhibition by Component.
Component has sampled vintage comic style imagery to create visual comment on modern day technological addiction.
Society has become increasingly dependant on social media as a means of both communication and self promotion.
George Orwell and Albert Einstein both predicted this day would come……….Text, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become the norm for displaying social interactions and intimate moments for the world to see and make comment on.
It has not happened unless its on social media.

All Fresco 2014


All fresco is on this week in Auckland city and in and around the Krd area with more detailed information in the links below.

Get out and check it out …




Some fine work from the man more on his Facebook page…




Two great events and many other things going on in Christchurch city

Great to see two great events going on in in Christchurch city Big line of skills putting paint to walls inside and out. Best to check the two links for more info

First event took place over the 7th Dec to the 14th

Second event started on the 20th until 23rd march 2014 so bit of time to see the inside work on this one !!



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Endemic World