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Spectrum in Christchurch

In it’s second year the crew from ‘Oi you ‘ Put on another big show here’s a video from selina Miles.



Spectrum christchurch 2015

Oi you  Put this project together earlier in the year with a bunch of local input from christchurch to bring life to the quake city check out this video of the show.

Great that people with such passion for the this form of art are getting behind it… need more of it please.





House in christchurch painted up …

Around 25,000 people visited the house which has been decorated with street art ahead of its demolition
red zone house finds fame in final days video.. Source TV1


Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.56.07 am


Few bits being going on in NZ

So things been really busy here in NZ with more street art or art events & walls being painted than ever before really good to hear and see… check these links below for more from these artists walls and work.







Artist -OD -






Artist – Phlegm




Artist – Order55 -





Two great events and many other things going on in Christchurch city

Great to see two great events going on in in Christchurch city Big line of skills putting paint to walls inside and out. Best to check the two links for more info

First event took place over the 7th Dec to the 14th

Second event started on the 20th until 23rd march 2014 so bit of time to see the inside work on this one !!



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From the ground up

A Christchurch festival focussing on the countries local talent



More info HERE


Street art Documentary ‘Dregs’.

Posted a sort video about this earlier this year. Cinzah Merkins ( artist  ) and film maker Karl Sheridan are putting this together.

Some info below -These guys are putting in the time to do this and need all the help they can get so if you feeling rich or know someone who just won lotto here is some info on how to help.

Please check out the funding page and feel free to pass it on to anybody you feel may be interested.

We also have a number of great awards for anybody who wishes to donate.

Here’s a link to the Aucklander article published last year -

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