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outpost@cockatooisland Sydney AU

The outpost show on cockatoo island ran for the last month. I had heard about this big art show happening in Sydney and it sounded all good heaps of artists on the bill so it being just over in Oz thought i better make the mission to check it … The island itself is an art work in it’s self more HERE on that. But the show was really well thought out and put together with heaps to see and do and drink and eat. I also camped on the island to save on travel back to the city & $ they have tents set up to use just bring a sleeping bag ! Sweet as! .. So anyways heaps of photos out there  on the web already bunch more taken with the trusty ph.. Check a few out.(Only thing not to much NZ crew in the show apart from old drypnz hope to change that if it runs again.


Ouch x Gasp

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Very Nice …Summer vibes for more .. check out  ouchiscool


No idea how to title this one. Suggestions?

All from AK from a few years back.


Old Skool

Streetarse collective are searching through our back catalogue of images and are slowly posting works as we find them. The street art scene has been alive and kicking for a while, a lot of the old works from around AK are documented. We have a heaps ourselves but are always after more, so if you have any old photos send em to us and we’ll get them online.

Here are a few from 03 to begin.

A few from 04

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