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Ad shelter take overs

Cool concept, been done before by independent artists, but great to see a collective take on this, check out the video and see more info on Brandlism’s site here



Google street art project by google cultural institute

Found this link via – Who has interesting posts and things to say about the world of street art ..

Anyways i won’t add to much but i had a quick look at the content and has a bunch of stuff i have not seen before and places i had not heard of so worth a look i thinking …


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Episode 497 – Shepard Fairey

listen to this podcast if you are interested in Art and the  street art movement..

Episode 497 – Shepard Fairey.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.15.08 pm


Sea Walls in Mexico

Happening this July..

Check out the indiegogo campaign HERE  please support and share, some great rewards up for grabs, and awesome cause!


Endemic World