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Street art Documentary ‘Dregs’.

Posted a sort video about this earlier this year. Cinzah Merkins ( artist  ) and film maker Karl Sheridan are putting this together.

Some info below -These guys are putting in the time to do this and need all the help they can get so if you feeling rich or know someone who just won lotto here is some info on how to help.

Please check out the funding page and feel free to pass it on to anybody you feel may be interested.

We also have a number of great awards for anybody who wishes to donate.

Here’s a link to the Aucklander article published last year -


outpost@cockatooisland Sydney AU

The outpost show on cockatoo island ran for the last month. I had heard about this big art show happening in Sydney and it sounded all good heaps of artists on the bill so it being just over in Oz thought i better make the mission to check it … The island itself is an art work in it’s self more HERE on that. But the show was really well thought out and put together with heaps to see and do and drink and eat. I also camped on the island to save on travel back to the city & $ they have tents set up to use just bring a sleeping bag ! Sweet as! .. So anyways heaps of photos out there  on the web already bunch more taken with the trusty ph.. Check a few out.(Only thing not to much NZ crew in the show apart from old drypnz hope to change that if it runs again.


St Kevin’s arcade stairs!

Got to give the st kevin’s arcade stairs a makeover giving it the krd vibe. This time Deus came to jam a killer character! Some change of all the grey walls the council have been painting.







Nelson art show gets a street comment

Funny stencil found in Nelson making comment banksy art and how people tend to be more concerned with fame and money rather that content.??



Public Access 5 “Picture perfect in a world of chaos.”

Founders Heritage Park, Nelson. September 23 – October 24.

Cut Collective’s fifth iteration of the Public Access exhibition marks a renewed focus on topical matters and a concentrated collaborative process.

Working around the central theme of “Picture Perfect in a World of Chaos”, this show deals with the representation of a world that is a palpable fantasy, and looks to explore the ridiculous nature of the variant realities we receive through multiple media channels. Something we here at CC have come to call “The Gap”.

When couched amongst the cataclysmic events that nature has brought to bear upon the world over the last few years, man made calamities such as the ongoing global financial crisis almost pale in comparison, almost. It could be said mother nature has provided the perfect scenario in which to obscure the devastation we inflicted upon ourselves.

Or more accurately, the harm that few have inflicted upon many.

Through chaos we can achieve control, in the vacuum of order we can implement change. With the dissolution of community we champion the individual, it’s isolation through adversity and who wins when the village falls apart?

Joining the core cast of Cut Collective for the show is Hone Stjohn, a photographer and filmmaker with a focus on documenting street life and music related activity. Having worked with Homebrew, Scratch22 and most recently the @peace project on a variety of music videos, he’s now collaborating with Cut Collective to produce a moving image piece for Public Access 5.

Public Access 5 is one of three components hosted within Oi You!, a major street art event taking place under one roof at Founders Heritage Park, Nelson. The other parts are an exhibition of works from Banksy, Faile, Micallef, Os Gemeos, Swoon and others. And the Oi You! competition exhibition featuring the work of the competition finalists.

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Paste ups

Few paste ups here from component.




Fhoto files

Welly town shines well .






Endemic World