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Just a good video


Spectrum in Christchurch

In it’s second year the crew from ‘Oi you ‘ Put on another big show here’s a video from selina Miles.




With winter being all cold and stuff this video is a nice idea of what to be doing …. The crazy man SOFLES doing it large !!!




ALL FRESCO A Krd Street Art Festival.

Third year this event has been held here’s a video and bit of info check it out ….

All Fresco is both a response to the traditions of Krd, and to the

paucity of street art in the Krd district. The character of a community
is reflected in many things including the evidence of an engaged and
ongoing public dialogue. And in an area noted for it’s character,
a distinct lack of sites hosting relevant and revolving street art is
something to be addressed.

The value of this event isn’t just in the opportunity it provides to
artists, or even the spectacle and experience it offers spectators.
It’s in re-establishing and re-affirming the qualities of a part of our
city that makes it the most well know, most notorious and fabled
strip in the country.





Spectrum christchurch 2015

Oi you  Put this project together earlier in the year with a bunch of local input from christchurch to bring life to the quake city check out this video of the show.

Great that people with such passion for the this form of art are getting behind it… need more of it please.





sofles tech wall

Sofles is a skilled person and when his skills come together with other creatives & tech some great work is made. Older video but needed to post.

Many months in the making, Sofles – Graffiti Mapped is an innovative step forward for the world of graffiti and technology.  Sofles – Graffiti Mapped explores the intrinsic connection between graffiti, street art and technology through a combination of 3D video mapping, traditional street art and graffiti techniques and motion design.
Over 5 stories high, Sofles’ inner city mural is his biggest work to date. Add to that Grant Osborne’s incredibly detailed motion design and a musical score by New Zealand music producer Opiuo, and you have a truly innovative work of art. Visible for one night only, but destined to leave an impression on the city’s skyline Sofles- Graffiti Mapped was one of the most exciting events of the entire White Night Melbourne festival.
This video has been shot and cut by the director of Sofles’ extremely successful previous video, Limitless, Selina Miles


Good work of a  series of mini-documentaries featuring some of New Zealand’s leading artists who like to paint outdoors.

Put together by Trustme 

also go check out the real web site where it looks flash the site made by Peepshow
















House in christchurch painted up …

Around 25,000 people visited the house which has been decorated with street art ahead of its demolition
red zone house finds fame in final days video.. Source TV1


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