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Those guys ….

Doing BIG things and re doing the wall in ponsonby … Also check out new video talking about who BMD are and do ….

Also check their instagram HERE

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OE – 2014

Group Exhibition & Artists talks at Endemic world Studio / basement space –

Date is 18th Sept 2014 @ 6pm

Details on image below and click on image and takes you to the Facebook event page.




House in christchurch painted up …

Around 25,000 people visited the house which has been decorated with street art ahead of its demolition
red zone house finds fame in final days video.. Source TV1


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There’s a new series of mini-docos coming out soon. If These Walls Could Talk takes a look at 5 NZ artists who like to paint walls.

Featuring Askew One, Benjamin Work, BMD, Elliot Francis Stewart and Mica Still, this project drops in October.

Join the Facebook page here and check the website here & keep your ears peeled for October!



Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a ground-breaking street art project created by PangeaSeed to bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into streets around the globe. By collaborating with internationally renowned artists, we create large-scale murals that focus attention on pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing.

In collaboration with our friends at 1xRUN, Residencia Gorila,World Art Destination and Juxtapoz Latin America we embarked on our biggest Sea Walls project yet. We’ve invited some of today’s most talented and renowned contemporary street artists to join us on our first-ever Sea Walls expedition.

The mission of the expedition is to offer these artists the opportunity to swim with and study endangered whale sharks and oceanic manta rays off the coast of the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico from July 20-28, 2014. Inspired by their interactions with these majestic giants in the wild, the artists created a series of large-scale public murals on the island to help educate and raise greatly needed awareness within the local and tourist communities for the plight of these animals and the oceans. The murals highlight the benefits of ecotourism and long-term sustainability of natural resources.

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a new approach to ocean conservation, marrying art and activism – or as we like to call it “ARTivism”.

For more information on how you can help save our seas – or inquires to host a Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans festival in your city / town, please visit:

Cinematography by Aaron Glasson, Yoh Nagao, Celeste Byers and Tre’ Packard
Edited by Aaron Glasson
Music by Island Boy



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Ghøstie and Yelz from Wellingtons Pirates Crew took a month out to venture to Thailand and bicycle 900kms from Bangkok to Phuket in May 2014. In 1997 Thailand was unfortunately struck by an economic crisis which lead to builders literally walking off construction sites in therefore leaving many abandoned buildings strewn throughout Thailand which in turn makes for a great destination for a spraycation.

With the tourist season over and the slow onset of the Monsoon season, we chose the perfect time to be in Thailand. Following nothing but a vague path of National Parks and beaches from Bangkok to Phuket, we were helpfully guided by naivety, good karma, healthy currency conversion, google maps and many friendly locals. 
Most the time we ended up painting for food or accommodation which in turn lead us to really getting to know the people of Thailand and their culture.

Truly an amazing experience that can’t possibly be summed up in a few paragraphs.


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Dunedin street art

Volunteers bringing commissioned art to the streets of Dunedin. And in need of some funds to help this project so if you like the idea of more street art in Dunedin then check them out on Facebook &


dunedin street art


A film by Tom Gould – Skin

Martyka ‘Skin Dog’ Brandt – gang member, champion racecar driver and devoted solo father.
‘Skin’ documents the life of Martyka Brandt, a member of New Zealand’s largest and most notorious gang, the Mighty Mongrel Mob. In a gang comprised predominantly of Maori and Pacific Islanders, Martyka was one of the few Pakeha members who joined the gang in the early ’70s.
From being admitted to a mental institution at the age of 14, escaping and living a life of Mongrelism, Martyka’s life drastically changed as he began to raise his own family, later becoming a solo father raising 10 children through welfare and foster care.
Filmed in Napier, New Zealand
A film by Tom Gould
Music composed by Fire & Ice
Special thanks to Halcyon Digital, Te Paea, Tynesha, Martika, Nikita


Ad shelter take overs

Cool concept, been done before by independent artists, but great to see a collective take on this, check out the video and see more info on Brandlism’s site here


Endemic World